Yaxell - Ran

RAN - "The Excellent" 69 Layers

RAN is a registered trademark of the Yaxell corporation. RAN means "The Excellent" in Japanese.


The core material VG10 "super steel" is composed of Cobalt, Molybdenum, Vanadium, and Carbon. The VG10 stainless is clad with 68 layers of alternating hard and soft steel. The blade has an extremely sharp cutting edge. The special heat treatment give these blades an outstanding Rockwell hardness of 61, ensuring long lasting cutting performance. All Yaxell blade edges are ground at a steep 15 degree angle to insure easy slicing, and make re-sharpening easier.


The inner handle is a solid forged 18/10 stainless ingot that has been welded onto the 69 layer blade. The welded junction is invisible, and as strong as the material itself. Yaxell is unique in their use of this super strong handle construction. The scales on each side are made from FDA approved black canvas micarta PLUS, which is an odorless and enormously durable material made from linen cloth, and resin. No wood is used in the handles. The canvas material is dyed black and polished to a brilliant gloss. The material will last for decades, and is highly water resistant. The handles are then attached tightly using stainless steel rivets. Where the GOU Series is highly polished throughout, the RAN Series has satin finish on the handles and bolsters.

The Following information of blade grinding should be under the Yaxell info, as it is the same for all Yaxell knives.

Blade Geometry

All Yaxell knives are fully hand made in Japan. The factory manager instructs the craftsmen to make the cutting edge with the proportion of about 70%30% grind ratio (see image).

This aids the release of foods better than a 50%/50% grind.

If you go to the Sushi bar, chefs use knife with one-side cutting edge. Through it they achieve better release of Sashimi from the blade. We believe 70/30 or 80/20 is the ideal proportion for the cutting performance + easy release of cut foods from the blade for normal use at home.

The Yaxell made Gou Sharp sharpeners are specifically designed to maintain your 15 degree cutting edges.

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